Head Boy's Message
2017 - 2018

With all the blessings of my Principal Ma’am and Teachers who have shown faith on me, by choosing me as the head boy of the school, I feel proud to be a part of my school office bearing council. I hope our school will touch the apex of excellence under the leadership of our council, as it has been for the last 30 years, and every St. Josephian would grow infinitely not just in the academics but in all the other aspects of life.

Being the head boy i promise i would perform all my duties with honesty and truthfulness and put out the best of me. I would try to learn whatever i can from badge holding

experience and ignite the same spirit in my colleagues and juniors’. I would try to imbibe the noble virtues of my previous senior badge holders. And lastly, I wish St. Joseph would grow with eternal zeal and zest.

Long live St. Joseph!!!

Ayush Gupta
(Head Boy)

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